• Product Introduction

    Contains as much as 150mg of hyaluronic acid in only 7g!
    It also contains other beauty ingredients popular among skincare enthusiasts such as collagen and elastin, which work together with hyaluronic acid to provide enhanced moisturizing.
    Other ingredients are adlay extract, vitamin C, and biotin.
    Contains Coenzyme Q10 manufactured by Kaneka Corporation.
    Contains a 30-day supply, 2 more than the tin container.

  • Product Use

    Take 7g per day, dissolved in your favorite drink.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Fish collagen peptide, condensed milk powder, pearl barley extract, elastin peptides, coenzyme Q10 (reduced form), dextrins, trehalose, hyaluronic acid, V.C, flavoring, sweetener (sucralose), biotin (including milk, some of the raw soybeans)

    Nutritional (in 7 g)
    Energy ··· 25kcaL
    Protein ··· 5.50g
    Fat ··· 0.08g
    Carbohydrate ··· 0.69g
    Sodium ··· 32mg
    Vitamin C ··· 100mg
    Biotin ··· 45μg
    Hyaluronic acid ··· 150mg
    Collagen ··· 5250mg
    Elastin ··· 15mg
    Pearl barley extract ··· 450mg