• Product Introduction

    Eye mask to warm the continued work eye a pleasant steam.
    About 40 ℃ pleasant steam lasted about 10 minutes, gently wraps the importance of eyes and eyes.
    It's as if the eyes of a steam bath. Freed from the tension of the day, we will loose fairly dust from the back to the mood.

    Since the warm just open the bag, you can use immediately when you want to use at any time.
    ● easy to ear Kaketsuki-to-use in any attitude
    ● type Single Use always clean

    Disease in the eyes and around the eyes, inflammation, scratches, swelling, who have abnormalities such as eczema Please do not use.

  • Product Use

    (1) take out an eye mask from the bag
    ※ Since the opening and will become warm at the same time, to use immediately
    (2) Turn off the perforations in the middle, put the ear
    ※ in use close my eyes

    ※ not use the eyes pack, etc.
    ※ After eye drops eye drops, use at a later time
    It may make fall ※
    * Temperature and the duration may vary depending on use environment. If the room temperature is low, it may be difficult to feel the warmth.
    * Depending on the use environment, but it may swell with steam, you can use it.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Surface material: polypropylene, polyethylene
    Containing iron powder: heating element

  • Precautions

    The eyes or around the eyes, disease, inflammation, scratches, swelling, who have abnormalities such as eczema Please do not use.

    * Sensitive person in heat, who warming is impaired, those who are receiving medical treatment, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

    * Infants and children, persons with disabilities of the body, in the case where such person with dementia becomes your will, please also be careful enough people around.

    ● If you feel too hot, if you feel any abnormal pain or discomfort, etc., to the body, to immediately stop using
    ● eczema around the eyes and the eyes, when the rash or the like has appeared, redness, abnormal followed the case of such as itching, to stop the subsequent use and consult a doctor
    ● Do not hold the eye from the top of the eye mask
    ● eye mask was damaged do not use
    ● eye mask the heat generation has been completed can not be re-used
    ● does not heat in a microwave oven
    * When the skin is warm, temporarily and that the skin is red, you may feel the itch.

  • Storage Information

    ● infants and children, store out of reach, such as those with dementia
    ● Scratches to KoSobukuro, there is a case in which no heat
    ● where high direct sunlight and temperature, store to avoid the heat source (such as on top of the heating appliances)
    ● in accordance with local rules, put out the garbage from the cold