• Product Introduction

    Aura-to toothpaste history, stain removal ingredients highest concentration (cleaning agent) formulation. Usual in addition to care, with a special care of once a week, stubborn stain (stain) and deep cleansing clean up the original smell.

    - take a white-to Jani teeth
    · Prevent the deposition of tartar

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Base: Sorbitol / Cleaning agent: Silica / base: water / Cleaning aids: PEG-8 / wetting agents: PG / Cleaning aids: Alumina / solubilizer: sulfosuccinic acid (C12-14) Palace -2Na / adsorbent cyclodextrin / flavoring: flavoring (Premium mint type) / sweeteners: saccharin Na / blowing agent: lauryl sulphate Na / Nebayuizai: cellulose gum / stabilizer: titanium oxide / preservatives: methyl paraben

  • Precautions

    ● rash, if the itch or the like has appeared to discontinue use and consult a doctor
    ● When the eyes, flush thoroughly with water immediately without rubbing
    ● After toothpaste wash away thoroughly with water to brush the root * This product is not to drop the stain attached to the surface of the tooth