Carry bag for small to medium dogs and cats (cart type)
Cart wheels with 4 wheels casters Carrying bag M size black [Manufacturer directly sent goods / not included] 【cash on delivery commission · free shipping】 [smtb-TK] [carry bag with casters]
【Handle】 Steel
【Belts】 Nylon Fabric
Producer Taiwan (planning, designing / Japan)

Product Details
There are lots of seasons a year back to the trip, drive, shopping and outing season.
At that time, a useful carry bag with casters.
It plays a big success when moving public institutions such as trains and buses in places and buildings where there are a lot of people.

Castors are installed at the bottom of the steering wheel, 4 wheels. Pets up to 10 kg can be rolled easily with one hand.
Since the side is an entrance, full opening is possible.
Equipped with an openable and closable blind on the front. You can open and close as needed, such as sudden rain or hot summer.

■ Carriers fo
r pets that are perfect for outing seasons such as travel and homecoming
There are many opportunities to go home, drive, shopping and going out with pets.
When it is difficult to keep lifting such as a medium size dog, this carry bag with this caster is useful!
With a lot of people, places inside buildings, public institutions such as trains and buses with one hand,
Also you can move with a shoulder strap.
■ STORY History
This product begins a pet boom and goes out with a pet
I have been making it since 20 years ago when my life started.
Since hard carry was sold from before,
The market of this soft type carry is quite niche.
However, it is boosted by some customers' strong voice and we are manufacturing at our Taiwan factory.
There is a reputation for the robustness of the body frame, the strength of the mesh window, etc.
Moreover, we constantly incorporate the latest materials and parts such as improvement of casters and improvement of extendable handle.
Because it is a product that withstands long-term use, I would like to use it with confidence.

Size (approx) 【External dimension】 Width 28 × back 49.5 × high 41 cm
[Inside dimension] width 23 × back 39 × high 30 cm
【Entrance size】 back / side 23 × vertical 30 cm back / side 28 × length 21 cm
Weight (approx) 3.8 kg
Adaptable body weight (approx) ~ 10 kg
Color Black
Accessories Shoulder belt, bottom plate, jump-out prevention fittings
Material 【Body】 Nylon Fabric, Reinforced Plastic