SKU: 100

Model Name: Demio
Model Code: 11765-0058
Grade: 1300 Casual
Model Code: UA-DY3W
Model Shape: 5DW
Reg. Year/month: 2004/ 4
Transmission: 4AT
Drive: FF
Full Model Code: ----EG
Model Code: ZJ-VETM
Model Code:
Axle Model Code: body dark-complexioned
Body Color Code: .A3F trim-colored trim color NoDF6 run km80,915
Genuine Parts Number: D351-66-9H0
Parts Model Number:       addition information test OK   AV Panel 1 figure  
Reg. Year/month: suitability ※The pure article number is reference degree ※Product information ※Please refer to
Genuine Parts Number: and the
Parts Model Number:.