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Thank you for you seeing our store.
☆★I hope that you never receive money until there is a guidance email from this★☆

The payment total becomes the   price + consumption tax (10%) + mention   (tax included).

Please note that the one desired takes a fee 630 yen (  693 yen) in   separately.
In addition, please note that the office stopper in the collect on delivery   does not go.

I do not deliver the   house of large parts, a bumper, a bonnet, the panel parts such as doors, Engine, the Transmission. Please note that it becomes the transportation company Office stopper on this occasion.

☆★It is successful bidder of the payment by bank transfer★☆
I would like it to contact you by all means when transfer name is different from a successful bidder name.

About conformity confirmation
○If you put the registration document of the car of the customer at hand and can contact it for vehicle information [first year time, model, body  , model designation  , classification division  ] than a question, I will check it.

○There is the car model that the conformity confirmation is not possible partly.

To one knocking down a knuckle hub
○The bearing should be the security   outside. I cannot accept the return of goods such as I hearing abnormal noise.
I would like only the one that changes a bearing, and can use knuckle to make a bid for it.