• Product Introduction

    Medicated lotion to prevent acne

    Speaking of acne, popularity of lotion with a history of facial water! 132 years
    Since its launch in 1885, the big hit item hugely supported around the junior and senior high school students.
    Sterilized the acne bacteria to control the excess sebum. Also it has the effect of preventing stains and freckles.

    <Please use at a time like this>

    · Fat float, when the makeup is a concern
    • When you suffer from acne
    - a bath, after the cleansing
    - of hairs sled after
    After sports to skin sweaty
    - men and women alike, you can use


  • Recommended Dosage

    After washing your face, take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand, please let me rub gently to your entire face.
    If wiping is not included in an appropriate amount in cotton, please use to suppress lightly.
    At that time, be left addressed to the face or the like of the pack, please be avoided.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    [Active ingredient]
    Salicylic acid-Homosurufamin
    [Other components]
    PG · geraniol denatured alcohol, perfume