• Product Introduction

    Moisture there is to every day of!

    "Beauty Chocola collagen 120 grain" is a functional food nutrition that is ingested intention of women mainly of collagen blended with high 7 kinds of cosmetic ingredients. Vitamin C, as well as help maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes, with antioxidant nutrients. Vitamin B6 is a nutrient to keep the health maintenance of production and the skin and mucous membranes of energy from protein.

    The daily recommended dose is also designed to 3 grains, served easy to contact.

  • Product Use

    Please enjoy, such as in your water without chewing the 3 capsules per day as a guide.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Collagen peptide (gelatin), crystalline cellulose, VC, sucrose fatty acid esters, HPMC, niacin, pantothenic acid Ca, particulate silicon oxide, colorants (titanium dioxide), V.B6, talc, glycerin, starch adhesive (gum arabic), V.B2, V.B1, carnauba wax

  • Nutritional Information

    3 grains (0.99g) per
    Energy 3.77Kcal, protein 0.71 g, lipids 0.04 g, carbohydrates 0.16 g, sodium 6.6 mg, Vitamin C 50mg (63%), vitamin B1 1 mg, vitamin B2 2 mg, vitamin B6 10mg (1000%), niacin 25mg, pantothenic acid 10mg , collagen peptide 600mg

  • Precautions

    ● Please refer to the material on, if you are allergic, please refrain from using it.
    Also, if you do not meet the physical condition, constitution Please do not use.
    ● After opening as soon as possible, please enjoy tightly closed cap.
    ● There is a risk that a change in the appearance of the grain (tablets) by moisture, please do not touch the grain (tablet) with wet hands.
    ● drying agent is located in the vessel. Please do not eat.
    ● padding in the container, grain (tablets) in transport is for damage prevention. Please throw away after opening the cap of the container.