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Japan Amoma Natural Care Maternity Oil 160ml

    Massage oil ( pump )
    160 mL / bottle
    Rice oilThe macadamia nut oil, Palmarosa oil、 Frankincense essential oil、 Mandarin essential oil
    100% natural vegetable oils.
    Synthetic flavorings, colorings and preservatives
    Massage the while gently stretching, take an appropriate amount on hand from the heat.

■ features
    ◎ Make a bond with baby oil
    Line of pregnancy massage is perfect for being in touch with the baby time!
    Cultivate your pregnant is important times of birth! Gently massage the.
    ◎ High moisturizing power oil type
    And use rice oil and macadamia nut oil-based oil type of familiar Kazuko flat over the skin too good!
    ◎ Commercialization of proven matanityaromatherapest oil
    Even identical twins could not oil recipe!
    ◎ Relax in the 3 species gently scented essential oils
    Pregnant women also prefer citrus scent!

■ customers recommend!
    ◎ Those presious baby,
    ◎ How to they instinctively talking tummy
    • Those interested in prenatal care
    ◎ How to seriously and want to do skin care line of pregnancy
    ◎ How to pick if want in the actual
    • People with sensitive skin