With natural organic plants extract and refreshing sensation,
- Prevent hair loss
- Enhance hair growth
- Condition hair. Great for damaged hair.
- Prevent split ends
- Provide long-lasting cooling sensation to scalp
- Eliminate dandruff
- Prevent oily & itchy scalp

Japanese brand Yanagiya was formed in 1615. It has almost 400 years of history in developing and manufacturing effective hair care products.

YANAGIYA PREMIUM GRADE HAIR TONIC is the perfect solution for most hair problems.

Yanagiya Hair Tonic contains several natural organic plants extract like herbs which help to prevent hair loss, early hair fall and breakage. It also moisturizes scalp, stimulates hair growth, and prevents itch and dandruff with a refreshing sensation. An increase of blood circulation to the hair follicle is triggered resulting in the eventual hair regeneration.

This unique tonic which contains treatment essences extracted from natural organic plants that provides important nutrients to nourish and stimulate blood circulation to the hair papilla and scalp, promoting healthier hair growth. It helps hair to retain moisture and improve its durability, preventing hair fall, hair thinning and breakages.

How to Use:
After Shampoo, massage the hair tonic onto your scalp for 5 mins using your fingertips. Leave it on scalp.
Use 2~3 times a day.
Avoid contact with the eyes. If occurs, wash with water.
Any abnormality appear in the scalp, stop immediately.
Suitable for both men and women with oily scalp, itchy scalp, dandruff or hair loss problem or simply to prevent hair loss.
Cool menthol feeling most suitable for Singapore hot weather.
Use this hair tonic 2 - 3 times daily.