Kao Merries Floral Air Thru Tape Type Birth for newborn babies ~ 5 kg (90 sheets) × 4 pieces Baby paper diapers

Name: "Case" Merries's Sawara Air Thru Tape Type Birth for Newborn ~ 5 kg
Contents Amount: 90 sheets × 4 pieces
◆ "Three-layer Air Through Design" Continues to feel a smoothness of freshly made fish. It protects the skin from stuffing which causes rash.
1st layer: The surface on which the skin is exposed is skin-friendly "Fu Poco Airy Mesh". Stuffiness between the concavities and convexes.
2nd layer: air passage to the absorbing layer. Absorb well and escape only Mure.
3rd layer: The outer layer is a breathable sheet over the entire surface, so it will not displace and stink.
◆ In addition to loosening popping, it makes it difficult to spread by unevenness on the surface of the seat, and blocks with a gather around the leg so as not to get stuck.
◆ "Peeing information announcement signed" (with replacement when the three lines become blue)
◆ Weight: Birth ~ 5 kg

Material Surface material: polyester / polyolefin nonwoven fabric
Water absorbing material: absorbent paper / cotton-like pulp / acrylic polymer water absorbing material
Waterproof material: polyolefin film
Sealant: Polyolefin, etc.
Extensible material: polyurethane
Binder: styrene elastomer synthetic resin etc.
Classification Baby diapers disposable diapers, baby disposable diaper tape type / made in Japan