• Product Introduction

    Mary's unique topsheet "Airy Mesh" breathable shinkun!
    ● Softness of the inseam that tends to be stiff is UP! Even if you close the legs even when you close it, the absorbent body flexibly changes according to your movement, so it will not strain your skin.
    Do not spread loose poop! Do not spread back and stop pooping at the recessed part of "Airy Mesh". In addition, the newly adopted loose stopper sheet absorbs the moisture of the poo firmly. It is hard to spread poop inside a diaper.

    Weight: Birth ~ 5 kg

  • Product Use

    1 Expand the diaper and set up a poop block gather. Please apply so that you can wrap the buttock completely in gather.
    2 Stop [tape as many times as possible] so that it becomes symmetrical on the tape of your stomach. Hold the tape from above and pull the base firmly. You can reattempt the tape any number of times.
    3 Fix the shape so that the gathers are not folded inward.

  • Precautions

    ● Please replace the dirty paper diaper quickly.
    ● Do not put the tape directly on your skin.
    ● Pay attention to the storage location so as not to accidentally put in your mouth or throat, please handle immediately after use