• Product Introduction

    Mom & Kids Firming lift of, firming care cream that has been developed by focusing on the body of the slack theory due to pregnancy and childbirth.
    It has plenty of blending the skin conditioning components and moisture component.
    Relaxing effect in the scent of fresh grapefruit and Western herbs also.

  • Product Use

    Stretched to areas of concern, raised rubbed with the palm of the hand, and to loosen the skin effectively. Edema easy to upper arms, thighs, also in calf.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Hari slack-elasticity measures component / lift veil (pullulan) Ranaburu (vitamin A-like extract), apricot juice extract
    Tightening measures component / witch hazel extract, sweet tea extract
    Skin conditioning ingredient / vitamin P derivative (αG hesperidin), seaweed extract (Laminaria), vitamin E (Capsule Inn) - Firming accelerator (coffee seed extract, yerba mate extract, coenzyme A · caffeine · L- carnitine) Kurisanterumu Indikumu
    Beautiful skin keep component / super oligo glycyrrhizin dipotassium
    Slimming aroma / grapefruit-Western herbs