Merries Pants M Size!
Paper Pants Made in Japan
Merries Pants
★ Disposable diapers (Suasaura Air Thru, Nobi No Walker) ★
M size 198 sheets - Baby

【Product name】
【Merries】 Mary's pants M size 198 sheets (33 sheets × 6 packs)

【Description of item】
■ In addition to the air through effect of the entire diaper, moisture is released upward from the "air tunnel" around the belly. When you can not change diapers by playing crazy ___ ♪
■ Breathability of waist gather is up about 1.5 times!
■ Because the tightening power of the stomach is about half, we will not tear down when we eat rice or move cheerfully so we do not have to worry about red belly or rubber traces.

M size (pants)

[Contents] 198 sheets (33 sheets x 6 packs)