• Merries Pants with Air Flow L Size 9-14kg 162 Sheets (27 Sheets × 6 Packs)

  • Product Introduction

    The entire breathable sheet and the unique "air tunnel" wrapped around the stomach fluffyly expels pee and sweat stuffiness, so the whole bottom of the buttress is exposed to air through the skin!
    On the inside of the skin, adopt "smooth silky sheet" of ultra fine.
    Wrap gently the important skin gently.
    The waist part is "soft fit gather" which thought about comfort, support around the stomach, prevents displacement by supporting with the waist.

    Weight: 9 ~ 14 kg

  • Product Use

    ● Please raise it straight up so that the navel is hidden.
    ● Please put out the frills around the legs properly.
    ● Please be careful not to get underwear into the pants.

  • Precautions

    Usage notes
    ● Please stool attached to disposable diapers to the toilet.
    ● Round the inside of the dirty portion, please handle so as not to become unsanitary.
    ● Please do not throw away the disposable diaper in the toilet.
    ● Let's take the disposable diapers when you go out.

    Please follow the rules of your area concerning how to handle disposable diapers (burnable garbage / burnable garbage) after use.

    Usage notes
    ● Please replace the dirty paper diaper quickly.
    ● Do not put the tape directly on your skin.
    ● Pay attention to the storage location so as not to accidentally put in your mouth or throat, please handle immediately after use.