Jemile Fran is a love of work, a hair care and hair makeup brand that fulfills "enjoy enjoying beautiful" of a busy woman

Love in work, playing, easy to perfection of the beauty of a woman who continues to challenge everyday with Jemile Fran.
It is a hair makeup series that can change easily the usual atmosphere with a hair care series & directing to your desired hair just by washing it.

Jemile Fran shampoo diamond (ordinary ~ hard hair trend)
Silk softener * with high water retention property gives softness to the hair, and it gently sweeps It is hard to get tangled with hair.
<Moisturizing component> * Lauroyl silk amino acid Na

Jemile Fran Treatment Juicy Glossy
Simultaneously hold moisture and oil, express moist and glossy moisture with moisture lipid that can replenish.
<Moisturizing component> Distearic acid polyglyceryl-10


After pre-washing with lukewarm water, whisk the appropriate amount in the palm of your hand and let it spread over the whole hair, wash carefully.
Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
After shampooing, take enough water, apply a proper amount to the center of the tip of the hair, and let it to the whole.
Let's take in hair ends and rinse with lukewarm water.