Withstand load of 25 kg, Medium Pet ·

Multi-Head companion pet carry. Backpacks and carts too.
TAKE ME Medium dog · multi-head domestic carry bag
XL size

About the product
It is a convenient middle-size dog and multi-headed carry bag that can be used as a lucky carry, as a cart with casters.

Select materials and parts as strong and durable as possible, with durability limit up to 25 kg (inspected).
The material is high-quality 2520 denier nylon which is also used for outdoor brand and military use.
For casters, we use casters of Japanese Hinohon Locksmiths, the sound is quiet, easy to use and durable casters.

Appropriate size estimate
Large Shiba Inu, Corgi, Pug, Terrier etc.
Since there are individual differences, the above is a guide only.
Size is not weight (kg), please judge by size (cm).
I can withstand the weight up to 25 kg, but not all pets within 25 kg will be entered.
We recommend that you sacrifice the size of the bag with measures etc., even if it is somewhat troublesome, before you buy.

Product Size

Backpack outer dimensions

Backpack inner dimension width 65 cm, height 42 cm, depth 35 cm
Width 64.5 cm, Height 41.5 cm, Depth 32.5 cm
The weight of the backpack is about 5.2 kg
Load capacity 25 kg
Material 2520 denier nylon
Caster HINOMOTO (Made in Japan)
Manufacturer Rakka
It is our original product.
Producer country planning: Japan production: China · Japan (according to parts)

About color of product
Although we try to reproduce the color of the product as faithfully as possible, the reproducibility varies depending on the monitor environment of your computer.
Please acknowledge it beforehand.