• Product Introduction

    Delicious green juice of green tea flavor. It is popular with the "delicious to blue juice!".
    This product is the sprouts of barley, easily dissolved in water and the ultra-fine powder "delicious green juice".
    There is no habit to smell and taste, material originally of simple taste and aroma is timeless to drink every day taste.
    Natural of various nutrients are included numerous and attractive to help health as a vegetable material, it is a pure 100% of the green juice.

    This product has no habit to smell and taste, is delicious green juice, such as green tea. Young barley is washed with water, dried, sterilized, 100% pure powder fine powder processing used. Compared to raw vegetables, easy and convenient 100% vegetable material. Grew up in the wilderness, minerals, vitamins, natural nutrients such as dietary fiber have been included in the wealth. Please help us to maintain good health of your family everyone. When mixed in milk, it served more delicious. Sterile, already pesticides test, additive-free.

  • Product Use

    This product is, in a normal diet, please enjoy 1-2 capsule a day as a guide.

    Since this is a food product, when it does not matter if I served. Milk, into the soy milk or water about 100cc, put 1 wrap the (3g), at a spoon or muddler, quickly, stir well please enjoy.

    In addition, in the shaker, and then shake, it will be more delicious. Those who do not shaker, please use the wide-mouth bottle. Please use with caution and tighten the cap at the time of your use. Please refrain from the use of hot water.

    Green and yellow vegetables, dietary fiber, such as those who want to take many, one day two to three follicles (6g ~ 9g) please enjoy.

    ● ice (iced), even in hot lukewarm, and does not have to be is always drunk.
    ● by your choice, please the density adjustment.
    ● green tea are not included.
    ● because it is raw, please do not put make.
    ● yogurt, soy flour, soy milk, honey, ice cream, your favorite juice, a little of shochu of whiskey and water in Japan, is fine even if I have to use the hot cake, bread, pudding, and other recipes.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Barley Grass powder

  • Precautions

    Please use as soon as possible ○ after opening.
    If you put ○ powder directly into the mouth, because there is a risk that clogged the throat, please stop.
    ○ because it compromises the taste and store it in the refrigerator, please be avoided as much as possible.
    ○ This is a food product, but please avoid to take a lot more than necessary.
    ○ Since the raw thing is, please do not put make.
    For ○ in this article include vitamin K, those who have been instructed to refrain from intake physician, please consult your pharmacist.
    ○ Should If you have de-modulation in the body, immediately, please discontinue use.
    Since ○ It is natural materials raw materials, colors, but you may leave some of the differences in flavor, the quality is not a problem.
    ○ Please keep out of the reach of children.
    ○ diet, the staple food, main dishes, side dishes based on the balance of the meal.