[the product details of the pore nice wings of the nose keratin eraser]

●It is the pore care product which is easily refreshing in a pore dirt.
●It snatch a pore dirt like rain just to pat it.
●It soften it to be easy to adsorb an old keratin and dirt at seven kinds (lime juice, orange fruit juice, lemon fruit juice, crataegus cuneata fruit extract jujube fruit extract Gres - プフル - ツ fruit extract apple fruit extract) of full - ツピ - rings, and the polo polo including two kinds (Moroccan lava clay, sea mud) of mud ingredients and sebum adsorption ingredients adsorbs a deep pore dirt.
●I tighten skin and combine an ingredient (エナンチアクロランタ bark extract).
Please use it after face-wash.

※When the skin has water and an oil content, I may not appear like rain.

(1)In the state that skin does not have water and an oil content, 3 millimeters flocks from a container, and please pat the expectation in the part to be worried about directly.

(2)The polo polo including sebum adsorption ingredients begins to appear.

(3)If refuse appears, please wipe it off with tissues. After use, please prepare skin with a lotion.

Paraffin, polymethyl methacrylate, ジフェニルシロキシフェニルトリメチコン, nylon 12, ジメチコン, ceresin, squalene, diethyl hexanoic acid neo-pentyl glyco- ル, microcrystallin wax, sea silt, Moroccan lava clay, エナンチアクロランタ bark extract, lime juice, orange fruit juice, lemon fruit juice, crataegus cuneata fruit extract, jujube fruit extract, Gres - プフル - ツ fruit extract, apple fruit extract, silica, sesquiisosorbitan stearate, トコフェロ - ル, ハイドロゲンジメチコン ,BG, water, オレアノ - ル acid


●On the occasion of use, prevent you from strongly rubbing it too much.
●Please avoid the use to the circumference or the lips of the eyes which are part with a wound and the rash of the fine weather,
●Please be careful when you flock too much as you may compromise.

●After use, please close a cap well to prevent drying.
● When cosmetics do not go with skin, in other words, please cancel use in the following case. As I may worsen a symptom when I continue just using cosmetics, I recommend what is talked about with dermatologists. (1)In use, when I blush, and it is fine, and abnormality such as an itch, the stimulation appears. (2)When sunlight hits the skin which I used directly, and abnormality such as the above appears.
●Please do not use a wound or the rash of the fine weather for the part with the abnormality.
●Please close a cover after storage and use of attention

(1) in the handling well by all means.

(2)Please keep it out of reach of infants.

(3)Please do not keep it in an extremely high temperature or low temperature place, the place where the direct rays of the sun is successful.

●A black particle is seen in a product, but this is a particle of the mud.
●Please be careful not to get into eyes. Please wash it away immediately without rubbing it when it gets into eyes. When a sense of incongruity remains to the eyes even if I rinse it out, please talk with an ophthalmologist.