• Product Introduction

    A supplement that makes it easy for you to take coconut oil that is good for your skin and health.

    Although coconut oil is known to be good for health and diet, it can be sometimes hard to come by, and some people may not like its unique smell or don’t know how to take it. DHC’s “Virgin Coconut Oil” is a supplement that can be easily taken and contains 1500mg of coconut oil.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    1 day 5 tablets total weight 2,415mg (Contents 1,515mg) per virgin coconut oil 1,500mg
    [Main Ingredients: Coconut oil
    [Modifier such as vitamin E-containing vegetable oil
    [Hitsutsumizai] gelatin, glycerin

  • Precautions

    ※ Since the health food is food, it does not matter even if you served time basically. Once you served after a meal, you will easily be digested and absorbed. For those where there is a timing recommended for the other, it guides you in the above product details.
    ※ observe the recommended dose of 1 day, please enjoy.
    Medicine the person or people in hospital are taking ※, are pregnant, in consultation with your doctor, please enjoy this product.

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