• Product Introduction

    A supplement containing not only vitamin C, but also vitamin B2! Vitamin B2 is known to improve the function of vitamin C. Gives you clearer skin and helps prevent health problems associated with seasonal changes or fluctuations in temperature.
    It replenishes your body and health with 1000mg of vitamin C per day!

    This is a vitamin C supplement with added vitamin B2 for effectiveness.
    It is recommended you take two times a day.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Vitamin C hard capsules (Recommended 2 tablets daily)
    Total weight 1,156Mg (Contents 1,002Mg) per:
    Vitamin C 1,000mg (1,250%)
    Vitamin B2 2mg (180%)

    ※ The number in Parenthesis is the % Daily Value, it tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet.
    [Main Ingredients: vitamin C, vitamin B2, [Hitsutsumizai] gelatin, coloring (caramel, titanium oxide)

  • Nutritional Information

    ● Vitamin C, as well as helping maintain healthy skin, also functions as an antioxidant.
    ● Vitamin B2 is a nutrient to help maintain healthy skin and increase the effectiveness of vitamin C.

    ※This product will not fix illnesses or help maintain health if consumed in extreme amounts. Please observe the daily recommended dose.
    ※ This product is different from a health food, and as such has not been reviewed by the Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan.
    ※ Please check the ingredients if you have allergies. Those who have food allergies Please do not eat.

  • Precautions

    ※ Since the health food is food, it does not matter even if you served time basically. Once you served after a meal, you will easily be digested and absorbed. For those where there is a timing recommended for the other, it guides you in the above product details.
    ※ observe the recommended dose of 1 day, please enjoy.
    Medicine the person or people in hospital are taking ※, are pregnant, in consultation with your doctor, please enjoy this product.

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