"Hadabisei Penetrating Moisture Firming Face Mask" is a pack that tones and firms your skin to create a smooth and silky touch.
A formulation of charcoal and ingredients derived from ancient ocean water (hot spring water) which has developed deeply and slowly in the Okinawan sea region including, ceramide and others ingredients. It keeps your skin healthy and tightens the pores.

It is a soft black mask sheet to tighten pore and smooth skin. Made with charcoal extracts and contains natural hot spring minerals water and ceramide to tighten, refine, and minimizes pore while moisturize skin. Skin looks and feels smoother. 

Product Detail:

Tightens and moisturizes to achieve smoother skin

Specially formulated serum minimizes pore appearance while moisturizing skin

Contains natural minerals (Hot spring water) (Tightening Agent) & Ceramide (Moisturizing Agent)

Black mask sheet made with Charcoal extracts

How To Use:

Please use the mask after cleansing and toning your skin

Take the mask out of the sachet, align the openings in the mask over your eyes, then over your mouth, mooth out the mask across your face to achieve total adhesion.(Serum might drip, please be cautious)
Leave the mask on for 5 - 15 minutes (or up to 20 minutes if you have dry skin)
Remove the mask and massage the remaining serum into your skin, recommended for use 1-2 times a week