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  • Product Introduction

    This hypoallergenic, moisturizing toning lotion was created to prevent to acne breakouts for adults who want beautiful skin.

    Pair Acne Clean Lotion is a medicated, conditioning moisturizer and toner that travels to the bottom of pores to clean out accumulated bacteria before acne erupts.

    It prevents skin trouble (acne) with a combination of sterilizing and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

    · Bactericidal component: Isopropylmethylphenol
    · Anti-inflammatory component: dipotassium glycyrrhizinate

    Penetrates deep beyond the surface layer of skin, hydrating and improving skin's texture.

    Contains moisturizing soy extract and vitamin C. Quasi-drug.

    Hypoallergenic and gentle on freshly-cleansed skin.

    · Patch tested conducted - does not guarantee that allergic reactions will not occur for all people

  • Product Use

    After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount of product to a cotton pad and gently glide it over your skin, being careful not to rub or use excessive pressure.

    This product moisturizes skin as well, but those with very dry skin may want to follow up with a moisturizing cream.