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Product Introduction

● moisturized moist rich make-up remover cream with horse oil
Rosette cleansing pasta It is a make-up removing cream of "ancient beauty series" countermeasure "countermeasure beauty series" countermeasure "kneading aging" kneaded powder of peach color clay (clean ingredient) by the traditional method of pasta. Clean up makeup which is hard to fall off with pasta prescription, cleaned up with the effect of "horse oil (protective ingredient)" moist. It leads to the skin with the sheen luster.

● Make a point make ♪
Even though it is a cream type that is gentle to the skin, it is as good as oil. A smooth and thick cream melts and turns like an oil and drops to waterproof mascara. Rinse and wipe away.

● Moist oil's natural veil gives moist and soft skin
Combines oil "horse oil" which is said to be familiar close to human sebum. Protect the moisture firmly, to the skin which is sharp and elasticity.

● pasta prescription incorporating peach clay
Powdery powder of Hiroshima prefecture produced with moisture is kneaded in paste form with "Rosette cleansing pasta" in its own recipe. A smooth cream gently removes unnecessary dirt in the back of the texture.

● No coloring agent · Mineral oil · Alcohol free
● Scent of sweet floral ornate