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  • Product Introduction

    Get squeaky clean pores!
    "Sea Clay Smooth" is a cleansing foam made with mineral-rich "kaide" (sea clay) and plant extract.

    The clay is broken down to a fine powder that absorbs excess sebum and removes dirt and impurities. It leaves your skin soft and as smooth as pottery.

    The fine particles reach deep in to your pores to remove dull or dead skin.

    Contains natural plant-derived ingredients like rose fruit extract to tighten pores. So though it's a heavy duty cleanser, it's still gentle on your skill.

    Fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, no artificial colors

  • Product Use

    Palm to take an appropriate amount (about 1cm), lather well with water or lukewarm water, wash to gently massage with foam, please rinse thoroughly so as not to leave the after rinsing.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Water (purified water), myristic acid K (vegetable soap), stearic acid (Kawafu protective agent), glycerin (humectant), stearic acid K (vegetable soap) · DPG (moisturizer), sulfur-containing silicate Al (sea mud-cleaning agent), lauric acid K (vegetable soap) lauramidopropylbetaine (vegetable soap), talc (feel modifier), kaolin (feel modifier) ​​octenylsuccinate trehalose (cleaning agent), R. multiflora fruit extract (Rose fruit extract, moisturizer), glycyrrhetinic acid (skin off conditioning agent), ethanol (cleaning component)

  • Precautions

    ● When there is an abnormality in the skin Please do not use. ● Please use with caution well or abnormal skin has not occurred. When you do not fit in the skin ●, ie, please discontinue use in the case, such as the following. And continue to use it as it is, that it may worsen the symptoms, it is recommended to consult doctor and skin. (1) During use, redness, swelling and itching and irritation, and color dropout (vitiligo, etc.) • If abnormalities appear, such as darkening (2) in the skin was used, abnormal, such as the above in direct sunlight Please note that with eyes ● If you appeared. Without rubbing when it gets into your eyes, please rinse thoroughly immediately water or lukewarm water. ● Please consult your ophthalmologist if the discomfort persists in the eye. ● The patch has been tested, but if you do not meet the skin discontinue use, and recommended to consult doctor and skin. ● direct sunlight and high temperature location, please be avoided. ● It is fragrance-free, but not the odorless because there is raw material peculiar smell.