• Precautions

    ● to consult

    1. The following people, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking.
    (1) who are receiving medical attention.
    (2) Those who have allergies or his family.
    (3) People who have had allergic reactions caused by drugs.
    (4) who have the following symptoms.
    High fever
    2. In the case of the following, stop taking the drug immediately, please consult your doctor or pharmacist have this description.
    (1) after taking the following symptoms may occur.

    Affected area ... symptoms
    Skin ... rash, redness and itching
    Digestive ... nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite
    Neuropsychiatric ... dizziness

    (2)taking 5-6 times has no effect

  • Product Introduction

    "Ryukakusan Direct Stick" is a granulated medicine in slim, individual stick-shaped packages that soothes an irritated throat and relieves roughness and discomfort.
    It can easily be taken without water anytime and anywhere you need it; the herbal ingredients work directly on the affected areas.
    For use from ages 3 and up; 1 stick is the standard dosage for an adult.
    Works directly on the throat mucous membrane.
    Please refrain from taking with water, as it will reduce the effectiveness of the medicine.

    If you feel a sense of incongruity in the throat, quick-acting stick type

    Ryukaku direct stick in granular form, quickly melting like snow, acting quickly on the throat.
    As it acts directly on the affected area, please take without water.

    When you use your voice too much, when coughing, dry throat at bedtime,
    Whenever there is uncomfortable feeling in the throat, anytime anywhere.

  • Symptoms / Effects

    Sputum, cough, throat irritation due to inflammation in the throat / sore throat / throat discomfort

  • Recommended Dosage

    Please take without water. Please take more than 2 hours between doses.
    15 years old and above: 1 sachet at a time, 6 times a day
    11 years old and under 15 years: 2/3 sachets at a time, 6 times a day
    7 years old and under 11 years old: 1/2 sachets at a time, 6 times a day
    3 years old and under 7 years: 1/3 sachets at a time, 6 times a day
    People under 3 years old cannot take this medicine.

    (1) Please follow the dosage and administration strictly.
    (2) If you let children take this medicine, please do so under the supervision of their guardians.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    6 packages (adult daily dose) contain
    Powdered platycodon root 84.0 mg
    Powdered senega 4.2 mg
    Powdered glycyrrhiza 102.0 mg
    Apricot kernel 15.0 mg
    Powdered ginseng 84.0 mg
    Powdered gambir 8.4 mg
    Additives: White potato starch, magnesium aluminometasilicate, erythritol, fumaric acid Na, l-Menthol, flavoring, and red No.2