• Product Introduction

    Place fresh skin can also be used No need for crispy and tightening !! cleansing in <cleansing + skin care + moisturizing base> of the morning for a seat mask. GO to make in 60 seconds. Sticky you can make in haste because there is no.

    1. easy and paste easy to take out. Without stress EASY.

    From the lid with a package, easy to retrieve a quick and sunny to immediately face no trouble spread the mask.

    2. and moist smooth, comfortable comfortable to use. GO to make in 60 seconds.

    Completed in 60 seconds from the mask to fit.
    Sticky you can make in haste because there is no.

    3.32 pieces of large capacity. COSPA also GOOD lotion 2.5 duty.

    You can use every morning to feel free physician plenty of number.
    Moreover, luxury formulated lotion 2.5 duty the (304mL) in one pack.

  • Product Use

    1. Open the lid, and pull up with the edges of the mask.
    2. Place in the face while expanding much the mask, and to fit while extending to the left and right.
    3. putting is also recommended to remove the mask done! Folded.
    After leave is directly available to the make-up.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    - clean
    Malic acid (Keratin Care)

    · Tightening
    Peppermint leaf extract
    Cucumber fruit extract
    Tea tree leaf oil
    Grapefruit peel oil

    - moisture
    Orange oil
    Water-soluble collagen
    Hyaluronic acid Na
    Avocado extract

    Vitamin C derivative