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Product information
Name: SANA FAT BURNER Massage Gel 240G
Material: natural sea salt, natural sea mud, ginger, honey, seaweed extract.
Product capacity: 240ML Outer packing: plastic package
Place of Origin:  Made In Japan
Product Features: "SANA Shana" sweat warm sense of ~ 250% Tang Xinzi body massage body condensation ~ for cellulite tissue & hardened fat!

☆ maintenance, the body of the star goods ☆
☆ strong recommendation you can in the hot springs and hot bath with the use of ~ effect of a stick!
☆ promote metabolism, the skin is more compact and flexible!

☆ add the United States and the islands produced by the ocean deep water essence (sea salt, sea mud), 250% Tang Xinzi, ginger, seaweed and other extraction essence, texture, fresh condensate type, the use of greasy greasy skin Burden, but also rich in beauty components, while the side of the massage to absorb.

☆ This series of three kinds of goods ~ are this year, "SANA Shana" launched by the highly acclaimed product Oh!
☆ This section is recommended for the use of cellulite and hardening type of fat, containing granular round crystal salt and the general polygonal crystal salt is different, more moderate does not hurt, stimulate the skin.
☆ can be in the bath or bath after the massage, not only can promote the metabolism can also help the skin dissolve the old horny, after using the skin more smooth ~ meticulous !

Use: Take appropriate amount on the palm of your hand, evenly applied to want to thin parts, especially butterfly sleeves or thick arm, gently massage, 2-3 points after the water rinse.