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SANA - Esteny Massage Cool Gel For Slimming Of Legs
Massage gel contains a refreshing cooling effect that revives tired and overworked legs. Brazilian coffee and seaweed extracts firm up legs for a sleek and slim appearance, while mint extract cools and invigorates skin. For rejuvenated and more attractive legs, massage gel on legs and feet before going to sleep, no need to rinse off. By SANA.  

"   Esteny The Massage Cool: For Slimming Of Legs!!   

Gingers oil extract and Green Coffee formulated. Direct targeting on fats & poor circulation. With Cool-massaging-effect and refreshing aroma.   

A combination of skin-toning and helps swollen legs. Excellent for tired legs! Ginger extract and Green Coffee are combined. Cool feeling helps reverse blood circulation through legs.Non rinse-off type. Fresh apple &  Ginger fragrance. "