• Product Introduction

  • Full of thick gel, 15 minutes of skin Q run water  

    The individually wrapped mask's soft gel penetrates deep into the skin, delivering moisture where it's needed most, giving you plump, beautiful skin.
    Three different soy-derived plant ingredients have been formulated in for maximum effectiveness.
    In addition, vegetable collagen derived from soy has been increased by double!
    100% cotton non-woven fabric, reduce friction, mild to the skin
    This one mask fulfills five different roles: (lotion, essence, serum, cream, face-mask).

  • Product Use

    - Remove the mask from the bag. After you open the top and bottom of the mask that is folded in two, and spread to the side.
    · Eyes portion of the mask is folded back on the outside. After adjusting the mask to the eyes, attached to the position of the forehead and mouth, please be brought into close contact with the whole face.
    And adapt to your skin, the remaining gel essence to the bag from the top of the mask, is more effective.
    Peel off the mask at for 10 minutes to 20 minutes, please let me rub well the remaining essence to your skin.
    - week 1 to recommend the 2 times of your use.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Water, glycerin, DPG, PPG-10 methyl glucose, soybean milk fermented liquor, soybean seed extract, soy protein, (acrylates / alkyl acrylate (C10-30)) Crosspolymer, BG, polyglyceryl isostearate -10, ethanol, xanthan gum, squalane, hydroxide K, EDTA-2Na, methylparaben

  • Precautions

    Please use wrong with your skin with care good or does not occur ●.
    ● is when there is a crack, swelling, rash and abnormal, Please do not use.
    ● During use, or when sunlight after use, redness, swelling and itching and irritation and color missing (such as white spots) or when an abnormality appeared, such as blackheads, discontinue use and consult your doctor and skin it is recommended that you are. There can be exacerbated and will continue to use cosmetics as.
    ● Extremely hot or cold places, please do not keep in direct sunlight.
    Please note that with eyes ●. If you've entered the eyes, please rinse immediately without rubbing.
    Please do not sleep in while long-term use and use ●.
    ● on health, please stop once re-use of the mask used.
    ● Because the mask is not soluble in water, please do not flow to the toilet-flush toilets and the like.
    ● Please keep out of the reach of children.
    ● mask has been opened, please use immediately.