• Product Introduction

    - to produce a fun toothpaste time in character and colorful design "Shimajiro" to the children for.
    - to increase the resistance of teeth is the toothpaste to prevent tooth decay.
    Fluorine + Palatinit (aid) blended.
    - children strawberry flavor, grape flavor you want to use is more of a love-guardian.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Based agent: sorbitol solution
    Cleaning agent: anhydrous silicic acid
    Aid: Palatinit
    Nebayuizai: anhydrous silicic acid, CMC · Na
    Foaming agent: alkyl glycosides
    Flavoring agents: flavoring (grape type), saccharin Na
    Stabilizers: Ti oxide
    Preservatives: Parabens
    Medicinal ingredients: sodium fluoride (fluorine)
    pH adjusting agents: 2Na phosphoric acid, 1Na phosphate

  • Precautions

    · Rash, if the itch or the like has appeared to discontinue use and consult a doctor
    • When it reaches the eyes, flush thoroughly with water immediately without rubbing
    - toothpaste after wash away thoroughly with water to brush the root