• Precautions

    ● it should not be
    (Failure to comply or the current worsening of symptoms, prone side effects and accidents)
    1. The following people, please do not take
    (1) who may have allergic reactions caused by the components of the agent or the agent.
    (2) the agent or other cold medicine, who were taking analgesics have had asthma.
    2. While you are taking this drug, please do not also use the following any of the medicines
    Other cold medicine, antipyretic analgesics, sedatives, cough medicine, oral medicine or the like containing antihistamines (for rhinitis oral medicine, motion sickness drugs, allergy drugs, etc.)
    3. After taking, please do not the driving operation of vehicles or machinery
    (You may drowsiness, etc. may occur)
    4. people in nursing Do not take this drug, if you want to take this drug, please avoid breast-feeding
    5. taking before and after, please do not drink
    6. Please do not long-term use

    ● to consult
    1. The following person is a doctor before taking, please consult your pharmacist or registered seller
    (1) who are receiving medical doctor or dentist.
    (2) people who might be pregnant or are pregnant.
    (3) the elderly.
    (4) People who have had allergic reactions caused by such drugs.
    (5) who have the following symptoms.
    High fever, difficult urination
    (6) the person who received the following diagnosis.
    Thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, liver disease, kidney disease, stomach and duodenal ulcers, glaucoma, respiratory dysfunction, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, obesity

    2. After taking, because the following symptoms may appear there is a possibility of side effects, stop taking the drug immediately, please consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered sellers have this manual
    [Related areas ... symptoms]
    Skin ... rash, redness, itching
    Digestive ... nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite
    Neuropsychiatric ... dizziness
    Urology ... urination difficult
    Other ... excessive hypothermia

    It may rarely occur, the following serious symptoms. Please immediately seek medical attention if that.
    [Name ... symptoms of symptoms]
    Shock (anaphylaxis) ... after taking immediately, itching of the skin, hives, hoarse voice, sneezing, throat itching, breathlessness, palpitations, turbidity, etc. of consciousness it appears.
    Skin mucous membrane eye syndrome (Stevens-Johnson syndrome), toxic epidermal necrolysis, acute disseminated rash pustular disease ... high fever, bloodshot eyes, eye mucus, sore lips, sore throat, skin wide range of redness, rash, became a small rash on the skin (pustules) comes out red, the whole body is languid, or persist there is no appetite, etc., rapidly deteriorated.
    Liver dysfunction ... fever, itching, rash, jaundice (yellowing of skin and whites of the eyes), Kasshokunyo, General fatigue, loss of appetite, etc. may occur.
    Renal failure ... fever, rash, a decrease in amount of urine, swelling of the whole body, fatigue of the whole body, (pain are joints) joint pain, diarrhea, etc. may occur.
    Or up the interstitial pneumonia ... stairs, and made shortness of breath, stuffy or an unreasonable little, chesty coughs, fever and the like can be seen, these are or appear suddenly, to or sustained.
    Sound wheezing, and whistling when the asthma ... breath, breathlessness, etc. may occur.
    Aplastic anemia ... bruises, nosebleeds, bleeding gums, fever, skin and mucous membranes can be seen pale, fatigue, palpitations, shortness of breath, feeling becomes bad to Klatt, hematuria, etc. may occur.
    Agranulocytosis ... sudden high fever, chills, sore throat, etc. appear.
    Respiratory depression ... shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, etc. may occur.

    3. After taking, because of the following symptoms may appear, if such symptoms persist or increase was observed, stop taking the drug, doctors have this manual, the pharmacist or registered seller please consult
    Constipation, thirst of mouth, drowsiness
    If you can take 4.5-6 times the symptoms are often not will stop taking the drug, please consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered sellers have this manual

  • Product Introduction

    The cold medicine for everyone in the family, from kids to adults.
    Pabron is the household's cold medicine.

    ● Guaifenesin (expectorant) loosens up and helps expel phlegm adhering to the throat, alleviating cold symptoms.

    ● Granulated medicine dissolves in the mouth with no unpleasant taste.

    Description of item

    Guaifenesin help the discharge of the causative agent adhering to the throat, relieve cold symptoms.

    It is cold medicine of easy-to-drink small tablet.

    From children of 11 years old, it is a cold medicine of the family tablet type drink with everyone.

    Dosage and Administration

    Please take with water or lukewarm water the following amounts within after a meal as much as possible 30 minutes.
    More than 15 years old ... 1 dose 1 package, number of doses three times a day
    11-year-old to 14-year-old ... 1 dose 2/3 follicles, number of doses three times a day
    7-year-old to 10-year-old ... 1 dose 1/2 follicles, number of doses three times a day
    3 years old to 6 years old ... 1 dose 1/3 follicles, number of doses three times a day
    1 year old to 2 years old ... 1 dose 1/4 follicles, number of doses three times a day
    Please do ... do not take less than 1 year old.

    (1) Please adhere to the prescribed dosage.
    (2) If you want to take in children, please let be taken under the supervision of their parents.
    (3) to children under 12 years of age, please give priority to be subjected to medical attention.


    Wind of symptoms (cough, phlegm, sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, chills, fever, headache, joint pain, muscle pain) of relaxation

    Components and raw materials

    1 package (0.96g) in
    Guaifenesin ··· 60mg
    (To soften the sputum entwined in the throat, making it easier out.)
    Dihydrocodeine phosphate ··· 8mg
    (Acts on the cough center, will relieve the cough.)
    dl- methyl ephedrine hydrochloride ··· 20mg
    (Widen the bronchi, and easier breathing, you relieve cough.)
    Acetaminophen ··· 300mg
    (Fever, headache, sore throat, etc., relieve fever and pain.)
    Chlorpheniramine maleate ··· 2.5mg
    (Sneezing, runny nose, you suppress the symptoms of nasal congestion.)
    Anhydrous caffeine ··· 25mg
    (Relieve the headache.)
    Riboflavin (vitamin B2) ··· 4mg
    (To replenish the depleted easy vitamin at the time of the cold.)
    Additives: cellulose, silicic acid anhydride, potato starch, D- mannitol, hydroxypropyl cellulose, metasilicate Mg, aspartame (L- phenylalanine compound), perfumes, vanillin

    (1) Please keep less in a cool place protected from direct sunlight.
    (2) Please keep them out of reach of children.
    (3) Please do not swap into another container. (There is the quality or causing the abuse vary)
    (4) In the case of taking the remainder obtained by dividing one follicle, and store it folded the mouth of the bag, please take within two days.
    (5) products past the expiration date, please do not take.

  • Symptoms / Effects

    Relaxation of various symptoms of colds (cough, tan, sore throat, sneezing, nasal drip, nasal congestion, chills, fever, headache, joint pain, muscle pain)

  • Recommended Dosage

    Please take the following amount with water or lukewarm water within 30 minutes as possible after meals.
    15 years old or more · · · 1 dose 1 capsule, taking number 3 times a day
    11 years old ~ 14 years old · · · 1 dose 2/3 capsule, number of doses 3 times per day
    7 to 10 years old · · · 1 dose 1/2 capsule, taking number of times 3 times a day
    3 years - 6 years old · · · 1/3/3 capsule, taking 3 times a day
    1 year to 2 years old · · · 1 dose 1/4 capsule, number of doses 3 times per day
    under 1 year · · · Do not take

    (1) Please adhere strictly to the prescribed dosage and dose.
    (2) If you want children to take them, please take them under the guidance and supervision of their parents.
    (3) For children under the age of 12, please give priority to letting the doctor take care